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DMV Fees

This publication identifies fees for Virginia DMV transactions.
DMV 201 English Other

Military Guide (formerly A Guide for the Armed Forces)

This publication describes information for active duty members of the Armed Forces regarding driver's licensing, ID cards, vehicle registration requirements and answers to other frequently asked questions.
DMV 206 English Other

Experience and Knowledge - The Keys to Safe Motorcycle Riding

The purpose of this publication is to provide motorcycle safety information and Virginia Motorcycle Rider Training Program course locations.
DMV 212 English Driver

Automated Clearing House Payment Options

This publication describes acceptance of fees and taxes from commercial customers using electronic funds transfers through the Automated Clearing House (ACH).
DMV 225 English Other

Virginia Rider Training Program Policy and Procedures

This publication contains Virginia Rider Training Program site policy and procedures.

DMV 226 English Driver

Reason for Driver Improvement Courses

This publication explains the reason for Driver Improvement Courses.
DMV 230 English Driver

The Next Step in Verification

This publication identifies the next step in verification if DMV is unable to immediately verify your immigration/citizenship document(s).
DMV 236 English Driver

Harvest Permit Flyer

This publication describes Virginia's Harvest permit requirements for out-of-state vehicles used in harvesting operations within Virginia.
DMV 239 English Vehicle

Driver Alert Brochure

This publication describes the Driver Alert program which gives employers the opportunity to customize the information DMV sends related to changes to employees' driving records.
DMV 241A English Driver

Virginia is Open for Business Brochure

This publication provides an overview of fleet-related programs.

DMV 241E English Motor Carrier