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Emergency Contact Application

Use this form to add, change or delete emergency contact information on your driver's license or identification card record. This information is only accessible to DMV and law enforcement.
DL 569 English Driver

Exchanging a Driver's License from a Foreign Country

Use this form to request an exchange of a valid driver's license from certain foreign countries for a Virginia driver's license.
DL 7 English Driver

Hazmat Endorsement Background Record Check

Use this form to apply for a hazardous materials endorsement (hazmat) background check. This formcollects information required by the Transportation Security Administration.
DL 70 English Driver

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Self-Certification

Use this form to record and/or change a CDL driver's self-certification category for the driver's type of commercial motor vehicle operation as required by VA Code § 46.2-341.12(G).
DL 8 English Driver

Electronic Birth Certification Request – Not Born in Virginia

Customers born in a U.S. state (excluding Virginia) use this form to request an electronic certification of a birth if they do not have a paper birth certificate when applying for a Virginia Driver's License (DL) or Identification Card (ID).
DL 80 English Other

Electronic Birth Certification Request – Born in Virginia

Customers born in Virginia (from 1912 to the present) use this form to request a Virginia birth certificate.
DL 81 English Other

Virginia Vital Record Application - Marriage/Divorce/Death Certificate

Customers use this form to provide information for the Virginia Department of Health, Division of Vital Records (VDH) to certify/produce a Virginia death, marriage or divorce certificate.
DL 82 English Other

Driving Monitoring Program - File Preparation Instructions

Use these instructions when creating a Driver Monitoring electronic file for submission to DMV for the Driver Monitoring Program.
DMS 002 English Driver

License, ID Card, and Records Payment Authorization

Customers fax this form to DMV for payment authorization.
DMS 004 English Driver

Voter Registration Questionnaire

Use this form if you were unable to complete the voter registration questions electronically on the credit card terminal to determine if a paper voter registration application is needed.
DMS 17 English Driver