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Intrastate Motor Carrier Inspection Information Flyer

This publication describes authority and Code of Virginia references regarding intrastate motor carrier inspections.
DMV 257 English Motor Carrier

PRISM Brochure

This publication describes the PRISM (Performance and Registration Information Systems Management) program - a partnership to promote and enhance motor carrier safety.
DMV 258 English Motor Carrier

Mopeds in Virginia

This publication describes titling, registration, traffic laws and safety information for mopeds operating on Virginia roadways.
DMV 264 English Vehicle

Vital Records at DMV

This DMV 269 publication provides information about purchasing vital records at DMV.
DMV 269 English Other

Red Flags of Medically At-Risk Drivers (Red Card)

This publication describes the red flags used by law enforcement to identify medically at-risk drivers.
DMV 270 English Driver

Moving Truck Flyer

Information about hiring properly licensed moving companies
DMV 272 English Motor Carrier

Internal Audit

This DMV 273 publication describes the function of Internal Audit.
DMV 273 English Other

Buyer Beware

This publication provides guidelines for purchasing a vehicle online.
DMV 274 English Vehicle

Converting a Manufactured Home to Real Property

This publication provides the information needed to convert manufactured homes to real property and to sever/detach manufactured homes from real property.
DMV 276 English Other