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Affidavit of Sale of Levied and Seized Vehicle

Localities use this form to certify lienholder notification (if applicable) and compliance with Virginia Code requirements regarding seized vehicles sold for the collection of taxes due.
VSA 80 English Vehicle

How to Secure a Virginia Title and Transfer or Buy License Plates

This publication provides information for titling a motor vehicle and purchasing license plates.
VSA 86 English Vehicle

Repossession of Vehicle Titled Out-of-State

A lienholder or lienholder's authorized agent uses this form to apply for a Virginia repossession title (in the lienholder's name) for an out of state repossessed vehicle that was titled in another state.
VSA 98 English Vehicle

Report of Recovered Stolen Vehicle

After a stolen vehicle is reported to the law enforcement that initiated the original report, insurance companies use thisform to record that a stolen vehicle has been recovered, the percent of damage and the estimated cost of repair.
VSA 99 English Vehicle