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Declaring a Vehicle Nonrepairable

Declaration by Owner

Owners may declare any vehicle to be nonrepairable by submitting an Application for Non-Repairable Certificate (VSA 57) and relinquishing the title or salvage certificate to DMV for a nonrepairable certificate for no fee.

Declaration by Insurance Company

Insurance companies must apply for a nonrepairable certificate if a vehicle is determined by the company to be nonrepairable. The application must be submitted with the vehicle's title or salvage certificate. Application must be made to DMV within 15 days after payment of the claim.

Insurance companies are required to notify DMV by submitting a Notification of Owner Retained Late Model Vehicle (VSA 58) of late model vehicles titled in Virginia which are determined to be nonrepairable and are retained by their owners. DMV will cancel titles to nonrepairable vehicles and issue nonrepairable certificates to the owners.

Restrictions on Nonrepairable Vehicles

A nonrepairable certificate cannot be used as a title for transferring ownership (a bill of sale must be used), nor can it be used as the basis for vehicle registration. It is unlawful for any person to sell a nonrepairable vehicle to any person unless they are a scrap metal processor, licensed as a salvage dealer, demolisher, or a vehicle removal operator.

A vehicle for which a nonrepairable certificate has been issued can never again be titled, registered, or legally driven in Virginia. The vehicle may only be used for parts.

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