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Virginia Salvage Code Sections

  • §46.2-1600 Definitions.
  • §46.2-1601 Licensing of dealers of salvage vehicles: fees.
  • §46.2-1601.1 - Display of license; business hours
  • §46.2-1601.2 - Acts of officers, directors, partners
  • §46.2-1601.3 - Grounds for denying, suspending, or revoking licenses
  • §46.2-1602 Certain sales prohibited; exceptions.
  • §46.2-1602.1 Duties of insurance companies upon acquiring certain vehicle.
  • §46.2-1603 Obtaining salvage certificate or certificate of title for an unrecovered stolen vehicle.
  • §46.2-1603.1 Duties of licensees.
  • §46.2-1603.2 Owner may declare vehicle nonrepairable; insurance company required to obtain a nonrepairable certificate; applicability of certain other laws to nonrepairable certificates; titling and registration of nonrepairable vehicle prohibited.
  • §46.2-1604 Rebuilders required to possess certificate of title.
  • §46.2-1605 Vehicles repaired or rebuilt for highway use; examinations; branding of titles.
  • §46.2-1606 Certificates of title issued by other states.
  • §46.2-1607 Inspection of records and examination of inventory.
  • §46.2-1608 Maintenance and contents of records.
  • §46.2-1609 Penalties.
  • §46.2-1610 Disposition of fees.

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