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Get Your DMV Record - Your Way!

Driver/Vehicle Transcripts (Record Request)

Need a copy of your driving record? With Record Request, you can view your driver or vehicle transcript and/or have it mailed to you. Transcripts that are mailed are considered official copies and can be certified for an additional fee. The fee charged varies depending on whether the transcript is to be viewed and/or mailed, and certified.

The types of transcripts available are:

  • Driver/Personal Use - For your personal use only; up to 11 years of your driving history
  • Driver/Employment - Contains up to 7 years of driving history; may be issued to employers, prospective employers or their authorized agents who request a copy of their employee's or prospective employee's driving record.
  • Driver/Insurance - A summary of your driving record for insurance purposes; up to a 5-year record
  • Driver/Habitual Offender Restoration - Used to petition the court for restoration of your driver's license; up to a 11-year record
  • Vehicle/Personal Use

License Reinstatement Information (Compliance Summary)

Use the Compliance Summary to find out the specific information necessary to have your Virginia driver and/or registration privileges reinstated. The information includes:

  • Outstanding fees owed to DMV
  • Documentation required
  • Dates of any active suspension and/or revocation period
  • Pending requirements on outstanding suspensions/cancellations
  • Contact information to other entities, such as courts

DISCLAIMER: The compliance summary is not an official transcript of a person's driving record. It is a courtesy summary designed to assist in complying with the requirements associated with orders of revocation, suspension, disqualification or cancellation as of the date listed at the top of the compliance summary. To provide the court and other entities with detailed information on a person's driving history, the compliance summary should be accompanied by a driver transcript.

myDMV Account

View your customer profile through myDMV Account to quickly locate basic driver and vehicle information, such as:

  • Driver license renewal information
  • Driving restrictions, if applicable
  • Driving points balance
  • Vehicle registration renewal information

It's safe, secure, convenient, and free, but be aware that this information is for your personal use only and is NOT an official record.

What You'll Need

To take advantage of any of these methods for reviewing your account, you'll need to establish a myDMV account. To do this, you must provide your DMV customer number or social security number, date of birth, and myDMV account PIN. You'll select your PIN when you create your myDMV account.

Got a Question?

Please contact us if you have any questions about your myDMV record.