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Customer Service Queuing System

Suzy Q & A Explains DMV's Queuing System

 Meet Suzy Q & A

About the Queuing System

The electronic queuing system with a distinct voice affords customers the opportunity to avoid lines and instead sit in chairs to fill out paperwork while waiting to be called to a service window.

DMV uses a state-of-the-art, web-based queuing system that works to best serve all customers as quickly as possible. Transaction type, customer volume and experience of our customer service representatives determine the order in which tickets are called.

As customers wait, they can watch LCD screens in the lobby. Not only can customers see and hear what number is being called, they can view the last few tickets numbers that were called, in case they may have missed hearing their ticket number. If they miss their number, the information desk service representative can place that ticket back into the queue to be called next.

When the system calls a customer’s ticket number, the DMV representative at the service window has the customer’s information displayed on the computer screen when the customer reaches the window. This feature saves the service representative multiple keystrokes and the time it takes to locate the customer’s record.

The web-based system also provides wait time data that is displayed on DMV’s website. Customers can make a choice that best suits their needs when they can see the estimated wait times in each customer service center.