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Clearing the Driver's License or Photo Identification Card Record

Clearing the deceased's driver's license or photo identification (ID) card record is a simple procedure that will remove his or her name from DMV's mailing list. By doing so, you can avoid future mailings and prevent others from using his or her name for fraudulent purposes.

To clear these records, bring the deceased's death certificate, driver's license or photo ID card and any disabled parking placards or plates to a DMV customer service center. A DMV employee will complete this transaction while you wait. For your convenience, we suggest that you visit a customer service center during the middle of the month when there are fewer customers.

If you are unable to visit one of our customer service centers, you may send a certified or notarized copy of the deceased's death certificate and a letter to DMV explaining that you would like to clear the deceased's driver's license, photo ID card or disabled parking placard. Send your correspondence to:

  • Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Driver Licensing Division
  • P. O. Box 27412
  • Richmond, Virginia 23269

Obtaining a Death Certificate

You can request a death certificate directly from the Office of Vital Records, or bring the request to DMV for forwarding to the Vital Records Office. For more information, refer to Vital Records at DMV.