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Three Point Violations

The number of years that the conviction stays on your DMV record is in parentheses beside each violation. An asterisk (*) indicates that the conviction remains on your record permanently. Demerit points will also be assigned to your record for traffic convictions incurred in other states.

The violations listed may change without prior notice.


  • Speeding 1-9 mph above the posted speed limit (5 years)
  • Impeding traffic, slow speed (5 years)
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  • Improper passing (3 years)
  • Improper passing on the right (3 years)
  • Improper driving (3 years)
  • Improper stopping on highway (3 years)
  • Changing course after signaling (3 years)
  • Coasting with gears in neutral (3 years)
  • Failure to give way in favor of overtaking vehicle (3 years)
  • Failure to give way when abreast of another car (3 years)
  • Driving through safety zone (3 years)
  • Driving over fire hose (3 years)
  • Unauthorized use of crossover on controlled highway (3 years)
  • Driving/riding on sidewalk (3 years)
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  • Improper turn (3 years)
  • Improper U-turn (3 years)
  • Violation of right turn on red (3 years)
  • Violation of left turn on red (3 years)
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  • Failure to obey highway sign (3 years)
  • Evading traffic control device (3 years)
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  • Driving without lights/excessive lights (3 years)
  • Failure to dim headlights (3 years)
  • Parking without proper lights displayed (3 years)
  • Inadequate hazard lights (3 years)
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  • No Virginia driver's license (3 years)
  • No Virginia license plate (3 years)
  • Failure to obtain a driver's license (3 years)
  • No driver's license - vehicle/motorcycle (3 years)
  • Failure to have license revalidated (3 years)
  • Learner's permit violation (3 years)
  • Permitting unlicensed person to drive (3 years)
  • Driving in violation of restricted license (restrictions related to physical limitation, such as mechanical control device) (3 years)
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Commercial Motor Vehicles

  • Driving commercial motor vehicle with alcohol in blood (*)
  • Driving commercial motor vehicle without license (3 years)
  • Driving commercial motor vehicle with more than 1 driver's license (3 years)
  • Driving commercial motor vehicle without endorsement(s) (3 years)
  • Driving commercial motor vehicle without license in possession (3 years)
  • Commercial driver's license/commercial learner's permit violation (3 years)
  • Driving commercial motor vehicle in left lane of interstate (3 years)
  • Driving in excess of 13 hours in a 24-hour period (3 years)
  • Driving public passenger-carrying vehicle under age (3 years)
  • Driving bus transporting school children without a safety belt (3 years)
  • Driving school bus without license (3 years)
  • Driving school bus under age (3 years)
  • Vehicle height exceeds limit for tunnels (3 years)
  • Texting while driving in a commercial motor vehicle (5 years)
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Other Violations

  • Failure to stop at the scene of a crash, unattended property (3 years)
  • Failure to leave the scene of a crash at the direction of officer (3 years)
  • Failure to report a crash, unattended property, less than $250 damage (3 years)
  • Following/parking within 500 feet of fire apparatus (3 years)
  • Emergency vehicle violation (3 years)
  • Drinking while driving (3 years)
  • Improper driving/riding motorcycle (3 years)
  • Driving with TV screen visible to driver (3 years)
  • Driving while using earphones (3 years)
  • Passenger restriction violation (3 years)
  • Curfew violation (3 years)
  • HOV violation, second or subsequent offense - Northern Virginia planning district 8 (5 years)
  • Use of Handheld Communications Device (3 years)