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Out-of-State Motorcycle Classification

Effective July 1, 2009, Virginia law allows any person who holds a valid Virginia driver's license and is an active member, the spouse of a member, or a dependent of a member of the United States Armed Services stationed outside of Virginia to be issued a motorcycle classification by mail.

Active Duty Military/Spouse or Dependent of Active Duty Military

  1. Complete and sign the Driver's License Application, (Form DL1P). Note: You may also apply to register to vote or change your voter registration address by completing the appropriate sections on DL1P.
  2. Submit a copy of military orders, or a certification letter, on U.S. Government letterhead, signed by a commanding officer/supervisor, stating you are in the military service or a spouse or dependent of an active military person and where you are stationed.
  3. Submit a copy of your active duty military identification card (front and back).
  4. Submit your U.S. military-approved basic motorcycle rider training course certificate.
  5. Submit a $20.00 replacement fee, as well as, the $2 per year motorcycle classification fee (see chart below) for each year of validity remaining on the driver's license either by check or by faxing a License, ID Card and Records Payment Authorization (form DMS 004).
    License Expiration Classification Fee
    1 year or less $2
    Up to 2 years $4
    Up to 3 years $6
    Up to 4 years $8
    Up to 5 years $10
    Up to 6 years $12
    Up to 7 years $14
    Up to 8 years $16
  6. Provide a telephone number and an email address on documentation submitted for communication purposes, if necessary.

Forms DL1P and DMS 004 can be downloaded and printed. If you are unable to download forms, you may request an out of state motorcycle classification packet.

Submit completed information in the return envelope provided in the packet or mail directly to:

  • DMV
  • Driver's License Preferred Services
  • P. O. Box 27412
  • Richmond, Virginia 23269-0001