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TNC General Operational Requirements

You may only transport passengers in a TNC partner/vehicle combination approved by the TNC.

You may not operate a motor vehicle for more than 13 hours in any 24-hour period.

The Digital Platform

A TNC partner (driver) is allowed to provide passenger transportation only on a prearranged basis and only by means of a digital platform that enables passengers to connect with TNC partners using a TNC partner vehicle.

A TNC partner is not allowed to transport a passenger unless a transportation network company has matched the TNC partner to that passenger through the digital platform. A partner is not authorized to solicit, accept, arrange, or provide transportation in any other manner.

Each TNC is also required to make certain information available through the digital platform to persons prearranging a ride. The following information must be provided to the passenger before the passenger enters the vehicle of the TNC partner:

  • The first name and photograph of the TNC partner
  • The make and model of the TNC partner vehicle and
  • The license plate number of the TNC partner vehicle.

You must utilize the digital platform in a manner that is consistent with traffic laws of the Commonwealth.

Payment of Fares

As a TNC partner, you may not accept payment of fares directly from a passenger or any other person prearranging a ride or by any means other than electronically via a digital platform. Fares may only be collected through a digital platform. A TNC may not authorize the collection of fares in any other manner.

Violations of these provisions carry strict penalties, including criminal penalties, civil penalties up to $1,000 per violation, and a one-year ban from acting as a TNC partner.

TNC Credential

The TNC is required to provide its partners with a credential that includes:

  • The name or logo of the TNC,
  • The name and a photograph of the TNC partner, and
  • The make, model, license plate number and issuing state for each TNC partner vehicle the TNC has associated with that partner.

The TNC partner is required to carry the credential provided by the TNC at all times during the operation of a TNC partner vehicle and to present the credential upon request to passengers, law-enforcement officers, airport owners and operators, or officials of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission. The credential may be displayed as part of the digital platform.

If the TNC partner is using a rental vehicle, the partner is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle has been paired with the TNC app for TNC use, and to display their trade dress during the rental period.

Insurance Coverage

At all times that a TNC partner operates a TNC partner vehicle, he must carry proof of coverage under each in-force TNC insurance policy and each in-force personal automobile insurance policy covering the vehicle. If a TNC makes information about its TNC insurance policy available through its digital platform, that will suffice for proof of the TNC insurance provided the TNC partner can present the information to requesting officials or any person involved in an accident.

A TNC partner must carry the proof of insurance provided by the TNC at all times while operating a TNC partner or rental vehicle and present the proof to appropriate officials upon request. The proof of coverage may be displayed as part of the digital platform. It is the responsibility of the TNC to ensure its partners comply with these requirements.

Trip Sheet

As a TNC partner, you are required to have the equivalent of a manifest or trip sheet available within the digital platform at all times during a prearranged ride. The following trip information is required and must be presented to appropriate officials immediately upon request.

  • The name of the transportation network company,
  • The name of the TNC partner and the identification number issued to the TNC partner by the transportation network company,
  • The license plate number of the TNC partner vehicle and the state issuing such license plate, and
  • The location, date, and approximate time that each passenger was or will be picked up.


TNC partners are required to comply with all applicable laws regarding nondiscrimination against passengers or potential passengers and to comply with the TNC’s policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of a passenger's points of departure and destination.

TNC partners must comply with all applicable laws relating to accommodation of service animals.

Refusal to Pick Up a Passenger

A TNC partner may refuse to transport a passenger for any reason not prohibited by law, including any case in which (i) the passenger is acting in an unlawful, disorderly, or endangering manner; (ii) the passenger is unable to care for himself and is not in the charge of a responsible companion; or (iii) the TNC partner has already committed to providing a ride for another passenger.

A TNC partner is required to immediately report to the transportation network company any refusal to transport a passenger after accepting a request to transport that passenger.


A TNC partner is not allowed to conduct any operation on the property of or into any airport unless such operation is authorized by the airport owner and operator and is in compliance with the rules and regulations of that airport.

Disqualification as a TNC Partner

TNC partners are required to inform each transportation network company that has authorized them to act as a TNC partner of any event that may disqualify them from continuing to act as TNC partners, including any of the following: the revocation, suspension, cancellation, or restriction of the TNC partner's driver's license; a change in the insurance coverage of the TNC partner vehicle; a motor vehicle moving violation; and a criminal arrest, plea, or conviction.

Driving for Multiple TNCs

TNC Partners are permitted to drive for more than one TNC, as well as be a TNC Partner in more than one state.