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Transportation Network Companies

A transportation network company (TNC) provides prearranged rides for compensation using a digital platform that connects passengers with drivers using a personal vehicle. TNC drivers are referred to as TNC partners.

TNC Certificate of Fitness

A Virginia TNC certificate of fitness authorizes transportation with an origin and destination within Virginia. For information regarding the application requirements, refer to Applying for a TNC Certificate of Fitness.

All holders of a TNC certificate of fitness, like other motor carriers, must include the certificate number in any advertisement for service.

TNC Requirements

A TNC is subject to certain operational, notice, and insurance requirements. A TNC is also responsible for screening the drivers and vehicles it uses to provide transportation services based on the requirements set out in law.

TNC Partners and Rental Vehicles

In collaboration with community stakeholders, TNC partners may use a rental vehicle for TNC purposes.

Information Policy

At the end of a prearranged ride, a TNC is required to send an electronic receipt to the customer. The receipt must include the following information:

  • A map of the route taken,
  • The date and times the trip began and ended,
  • The total fare, including the base fare and any additional charges incurred for distance traveled or duration of the prearranged ride,
  • The TNC partner's first name and photograph, and
  • Contact information where additional support can be obtained.

A TNC must make certain information available through its digital platform at all times during a prearranged ride. The information serves as an electronic manifest or trip sheet and is to be provided to representatives of DMV, law enforcement officers, officials of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission, and airport owners and operators upon request. The required information includes:

  • The name of the TNC,
  • The name of the TNC partner and the identification number issued to the TNC partner by the TNC,
  • The license plate number of the TNC partner vehicle and the state issuing the license plate, and
  • The location, date, and approximate time that each passenger was or will be picked up.

Nondiscrimination Policy

A TNC is required to have and enforce a policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of a passenger’s points of departure and destination and is responsible for informing its partners of the policy.

A TNC must provide passengers an opportunity to indicate whether they require a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. If the TNC cannot arrange wheelchair-accessible service in a TNC partner vehicle, it must direct the passenger to an alternative provider of wheelchair-accessible service, if available.

A TNC is not allowed to impose additional charges for providing services to persons with disabilities because of those disabilities.

TNCs At Airports

TNC operations on the property of or into any airport are not allowed unless the airport owner and operator authorized such operation and it is in compliance with the rules and regulations of that airport. Violation of an airport regulation may place the TNC’s certificate in jeopardy of suspension or revocation.