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Full Reciprocity Plan

In October 2013, the International Registration Plan (IRP) was amended by ballot to include the provisions of the Full Reciprocity Plan (FRP) to take effect as of January 1, 2015. The amended Plan will allow full reciprocity for all apportioned vehicles in all IRP member jurisdictions, eliminate all current IRP estimated distance provisions, and make IRP more efficient, equitable, and flexible for its member jurisdictions and registrants.

IRP cab cards will show all member jurisdictions, eliminating the need for registrants to:

  • Add jurisdictions during the registration year;
  • Pay 'Over 100 Percent' fees;
  • Estimate distance; or
  • Obtain trip permits.

New IRP Accounts/Fleets

All new IRP accounts and/or fleets will be registered in all member jurisdictions under the new FRP provisions. Every jurisdiction will be displayed on the cab card(s).

Registrants will pay fees for all jurisdictions based on the base jurisdiction's average per-vehicle distance in each jurisdiction. The average per-vehicle distance in each jurisdiction is calculated from historical registration and distance data during the previous registration year.

Renewing IRP Accounts/Fleets

For renewing fleets, the new FRP provisions will be implemented based on the date the fleet registration year begins.

  • Fleet registration years beginning prior to January 1, 2015:
    • Registrants will be subject to the current plan through the fleet expiration date in 2015.
    • Registrants must request the jurisdictions in which they wish to operate; the cab card(s) will only display those jurisdictions.
  • Fleet registration years beginning January 1, 2015, or later:
    • Registrants will be subject to the new FRP provisions.
    • The fleet will be registered in all member jurisdictions; registrants will not be required to select the jurisdictions in which they intend to operate.
    • Every jurisdiction will be displayed on the cab card(s); registrants will only pay fees to those jurisdictions where distance was accrued during the fleet’s July-June reporting period.

Additional Information

More information about FRP is available at