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Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
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Downloadable Motor Carrier Forms


Form Name

FMAS 2041 - 7/1/22 (Effective 07/01/2022) Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher
DMV 202Overweight Penalties
DMV 241BEZ Fleet Brochure
DMV 241CAutomated Routing Solution Brochure
DMV 241DFleet-Related Programs Contact Information Flyer
DMV 241EVirginia is Open for Business Brochure
DMV 246Operational Recommendations for Transporting Passengers for Compensation (For-Hire)
DMV 247Information for Interstate Motor Carriers
DMV 248Motor Carrier Manual
DMV 253Requirements to Obtain For-Hire License Plates
DMV 254Passenger and Property Carrier Enforcement
DMV 257Intrastate Motor Carrier Inspection Information Flyer
DMV 258PRISM Brochure
DMV 268Passenger Carriers - Time is Running Out
DMV 272Moving Truck Flyer
DMV 277Transportation Network Companies - A Guide to Operating in Virginia
DMV 278Transportation Network Companies - A Guide for TNC Drivers in Virginia
DMV 279Transportation Network Companies - A Guide for Law Enforcement in Virginia
DMV 297Changes to Virginia's Property Carrier Laws
HP 15Escort Vehicle Driver Training Site Application
HP 17Escort Vehicle Driver Training Site-Classroom Instruction Attendance Roster
HP 404Escort Vehicle Driver Certification Application
HP 405Escort Driver's Manual
HP 406Virginia Blanket Hauling Permit Permit Locality Addendum
HP 410Escort Vehicle Driver Train-the-Trainer Class Roster
HP 505Escort Vehicle Driver Training Instructor Application
IRP 1AVirginia International Registration Plan (IRP) New Account Application
IRP 1BVirginia International Registration Plan (IRP) Supplemental Application
MCS 100Motor Carrier Cover Fax Sheet
MCS 115For-Hire Vehicles Registration Request
MCS 116Motor Carrier Motor Vehicle Lease Agreement
MCS 148Harvest Permit Application
MCS 306Virginia TNC Insurance Certificate
MCS 307Virginia Notice of TNC Insurance Cancellation
MCS 310Virginia TNC Broker Insurance Certificate
MCS 311Virginia Notice of TNC Broker Insurance Cancellation
MCTS 270Individual Vehicle Mileage and Fuel Report
MCTS 271Virginia IRP and/or Fuel Trip Permit, Application for
MCTS 272Vehicle Monthly Trip Recap
MCTS 482WEBCAT User Maintenance Application to Add or Delete Users
MP 230Locality Blanket Hauling Permit Dimensions and Conditions
OA 139Zoning Compliance
OA 141Operating Authority Certificate Application for Common Carriers of Passengers
OA 142For-Hire Intrastate Operating Authority Permit Application
OA 143Intrastate Operation of Rental Vehicle Authorization Appl.
OA 144MFor Hire Intrastate Op. Authority Cert., Lic, or Permit Ren. Appl.
OA 150Operating Authority Certificate or License Application
OA 151Operating Authority Certificate Application for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Carriers
OA 152Transportation Network Company Operating Authority Certificate Application
OA 153Transportation Network Company (TNC) Certificate of Fitness Renewal
OA 154Transportation Network Company Broker's License Application
OA 200 Contract Passenger Carrier Vehicle Trip Sheet
OA 411Consumer Complaint Against a Passenger/Property Carrier
OA 435Passenger Carrier and Passenger Broker Bond
OA 436Households Goods Carrier Bond
OA 447For-Hire Operating Authority Certificate or License
OA 448Sample Tariff for Common Carriers Over Irregular Routes
OA 449Sample Tariff and Time Sch. for Common Carriers...Regular Routes
OA 450Sample Tariff for Household Goods Carriers
OA 456For-Hire Operating Authority Certificate or License
RDT 120IFTA Licensing Application
RDT 121IFTA Quarterly Tax Report
RDT 121IIFTA Quarterly Tax Return Instructions
UCR 1 2019UCR Registration for 2019 - Vehicles Used in Intrastate Commerce
UCR 1 2019-IUCR 1 Instructions
UCR 2 2019UCR Registration for 2019 - Vehicles Operated
UCR 2 2019-IUCR 2 Instructions
VSA 46Rate Schedule for For Rent or For Hire Carriers
VSA 46ARate Schedule for For Rent or For Hire Carriers: Multi-Year
VSA 47Pro-Rated License Fees for Tow Trucks for Hire
VSA 48Rate Schedule for Rental Passenger Vehicles
VSA 48ARate Schedule for Rental Passenger Vehicles: Multi-Year
VSA 49Fee Chart for Common Carrier and City Bus
VSA 49AFee Chart for Common Carrier and City Bus
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