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Electronic Lien - Lienholder Codes for Participants

Lienholders will notify DMV Headquarters of any changes to locations.

Routine Transmission of Data

  • Lienholders will transmit information to DMV nightly or as needed/required.
  • Lienholders choosing to use batch processing will inform DMV Headquarters of their batch processing schedules.
  • Routine transmissions will include:
    • print title request messages (when paper title is to be sent to requesting lienholder);
    • lien satisfied request messages (when paper title is to be sent to the vehicle owner), these may include a distributive mailing request (when paper title is to be sent to the vehicle owner, in care of another entity);
    • confirmations of any title establishment messages received from DMV;
    • confirmations of any error messages received from DMV; and
    • correction messages to data previously transmitted to DMV.

Emergency Transmission of Data

  • Lienholders may transmit messages to DMV’s Emergency folder as required.
  • Lienholders are responsible for determining that a bona fide emergency exists which requires that a title be printed and available for pick up at a DMV Customer Service Center (CSC) within 24 hours.
  • Emergency messages are only those that require distributive printing (where the title is to be picked up at a CSC). Titles not picked up within one week will be printed and mailed to the owner of record, if the lien interest has been released, or mailed to the lienholder, if the lien has not been satisfied. Titles not picked up within 48 hours will be logged in order to control abuse of the emergency message system.
  • DMV will read the emergency folder on an hourly basis during the hours of 7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. EST, or EDST, Monday through Friday (excluding State Holidays).

Correction of Errors

The lienholder will notify DMV Headquarters of errors in transmission and/or data by the next working day after the error is discovered. Notification can be through the nightly production process or by telephone.

  • During the evening, call the DMV Computer Operations Room at (804) 367-6743 (data transmission errors).
  • During the day, call the DMV Electronic Lienholder Work Center at (804) 367-2495 or 367-2841.