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Surrender of License Plates

Sold, traded, or no longer operate your vehicle? Moved out of Virginia?

If so, Virginia Code section 46.2-707 requires you to immediately surrender your license plates and/or vehicle registration to the nearest DMV customer service center.

If your registration has a full six months or more remaining before it expires, you may qualify for a partial refund. Simply complete an Application for Vehicle Registration Refund form (form FMS-210) and return it to DMV. Refunds generally take 30 days to process.

Deactivating Your Plates

If you have cancelled your vehicle liability insurance coverage but wish to keep your license plates, you may temporarily deactivate your license plates and registration.

Not complying with this law may result in severe penalties. If you cancel your insurance and do not notify DMV, your driving and vehicle registration privileges could be suspended.

Replacing Your Plates

If you have replaced your old plates, you may destroy them once the new ones have been received.