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Vehicle Color Codes for Virginia

Color Codes

Vehicle color information is collected at the time of registration and renewal. It is maintained in DMV's records and displayed on the vehicle registration card. It is also available to law enforcement agencies for their official use.

When registering a vehicle, select the color code that most closely resembles the exterior color of the vehicle. If renewing by mail, write the code in the appropriate box in the lower front area of the registration/renewal form.

White And Black

Color Code
Black BLK
Cream/Ivory CRM
Gray GRY
White WHI


Color Code
Beige BGE
Brown BRO
Camouflage CAM
Taupe TPE

Blue and Green

Color Code
Blue BLU
Blue, Dark DBL
Blue, Light LBL
Green GRN
Green, Dark DGR
Green, Light LGR
Teal TEA
Turquoise TRQ


Color Code
Aluminum/Silver SIL
Bronze BRZ
Chrome/Stainless Steel COM
Copper CPR
Gold GLD

Red and Yellow

Color Code
Orange ORG
Pink PNK
Yellow YEL


Color Code
Amethyst AME
Burgundy/Maroon MAR
Lavender LAV
Mauve MVE
Purple PLE

Indicating Colors Manually

One Color

If the exterior color of the vehicle is one color, enter the appropriate three-character code describing that color. For example, if the vehicle is beige, write BGE in the left box.


Two Colors

When describing a vehicle with two exterior colors, list the main color followed by the secondary color. For example in the case of a green car with a gold roof or trim, write GRN in the left box and GLD in the right box.


Three Colors

When describing a vehicle with three or more exterior colors, list the most predominant color (the color covering most of the vehicle) first, followed by the next most prodominant. For example, for a green car with a white roof and gold trim, write GRN in the left box and WHI in the right box.