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Funding for Traffic Records

  1. Objective: Develop a systematic process to reduce the number and severity of traffic crashes by ensuring that all opportunities to improve highway safety are identified, considered, implemented as appropriate, and evaluated in all phases of highway planning, design, maintenance, and operations and by providing information for selecting and implementing effective highway safety strategies and projects.
  2. Examples of Fundable Components
    1. Management - Program coordinator, other personnel
    2. New Technology - Software development, surveys, personnel, equipment, studies and travel
    3. Personnel - Training, travel, maintenance of existing equipment and software, safety management systems activities
    4. Public Information/Education - Personnel and media materials
  3. Examples of Program Evaluation Measures
    1. Number of personnel trained, type of training and cost per individual.
    2. Units and type of equipment purchased, purpose of equipment.
    3. Type of study/survey conducted and results.
    4. Agencies participating in project.
    5. Number and types of materials distributed, frequency of distribution, public knowledge, number and percent of target population receiving messages.

Source: The Guidelines for the Submission of Highway Safety Grant Applications.