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Funds to Promote Roadway Safety

  1. Objective: To accurately identify specific locations/sections of streets and highways that have high or potentially high crash incidence, as a basis for establishing priorities for improvement, selective enforcement, or other operational practices that will eliminate or reduce the hazards at the location/section identified.
  2. Examples of Fundable Projects
    1. Develop/improve computerized crash locator and surveillance systems.
    2. Identify, investigate, and evaluate intersections or sections of highways with high crash rates and develop a program to reduce hazards.
    3. Create multidisciplinary teams to
      1. Investigate crashes in order to determine those designs and operating features associated with high crash frequencies or severities; and,
      2. Make recommendations for implementation based on findings from crash investigations.
    4. Innovative programs designed to address identified problems in the areas of identification and surveillance of crash locations, highway design, and construction and maintenance.
    5. Fixed Objects and Roadside Hazards
      1. Study single vehicle/fixed object crashes and develop corrective measures.
      2. Develop guidelines for urban streets relating to fixed object placement and crash potential.
      3. Identify high and potentially high fixed object crash locations and recommend countermeasures.
      4. Conduct roadside hazard inspection to develop severity index for establishment of priorities for improvement.
      5. Provide training in highway safety-related design.
      6. Conduct studies of selected highway corridors.
    6. Training of traffic engineers/engineering technicians at short courses/seminars in safety-related curricula.
    7. Studies of pedestrian-vehicle conflicts at selected intersections with recommendations for increased control.
    8. Automation of record keeping and data retrieval procedures for inventory traffic control devices.

Source: The Guidelines for the Submission of Highway Safety Grant Applications.