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Leaving Virginia

Each state has different rules and regulations related to driver licensing and vehicle titling and registration. You can review these requirements by visiting any state's department of motor vehicles' web site.

Driver's Licensing and ID Cards

  • Contact your new state's driver licensing authority to find out how to obtain a new license or ID card. When you apply for a new license in another state, you will be asked to surrender your Virginia driver's license. The licensing authority will advise DMV that your Virginia license has been surrendered to that state.
  • If you have a disabled parking placard, you must return it to the Virginia DMV in person or by mail either before or immediately after you move.
  • You are still responsible for any outstanding suspension and/or license revocations you may have on your record. If you have questions about your DMV record, you can request a copy of your record online. You may also contact us to get a copy.


  • Notify DMV of your move so that we can change your vehicle status on our files. Please provide us with:
    1. your full name and customer number
    2. the title number and the last 4 digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN) for each vehicle that you own.
  • Notify the Commissioner of the Revenue or Director of Finance of the locality you are moving from to prevent the locality from continuing to assess personal property taxes on your vehicle(s).
  • Notify your insurance company of your move and provide them with your new address. If you wish to cancel your present insurance, do not do so until you obtain coverage from another insurance company.
  • If your vehicle is leased, notify your leasing company.
  • Vehicle inspection requirements vary from state to state, so be sure to contact the inspection authorities in your new state.
  • Though it is not required, we encourage you to return your Virginia license plates by mail once you have re-registered your vehicle in another state. This will prevent fraudulent use of your plates and allow us to recycle the old license plates.

Additional Information

For other helpful information that will assist you as you relocate, visit MoversGuide.