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DMV Connect: Bringing Service to You

About DMV Connect

DMV Connect technicianDMV Connect is DMV's newest service outreach program. Connection teams carry portable equipment to serve incarcerated individuals pending release, connecting Virginians with services they need.

Identification is necessary to secure jobs, open bank accounts, enter public buildings, and apply for benefits. To ensure inmates leave incarceration with an ID card to be successful on the outside, DMV connection teams go inside to provide services to inmates preparing for release.

Program Background

Travel teams have been part of DMV's service model since the 1950s. Before the times of multiple customer service centers, employees with Polaroid cameras visited local libraries or fire stations to provide driver's licensing services.

In 2002 and 2003, DMV resurrected travel teams after state budget reductions closed customer service centers. Before DMV was able to re-open those offices, travel teams served customers in the affected areas.

Advances in technology allow needed equipment to fit in one suitcase. As a result, DMV connection teams easily bring service to you.


Connection teams issue identification cards. DMV employees carry customized cases that contain a laptop, signature pad, and camera. Only requiring electricity and an internet connection, the teams securely process real-time transactions. The new ID card is mailed from a secure central location to the customer's address or in this case the correctional facility. In the future, DMV Connect will expand its service offerings to include driver's licensing transactions. In addition, connection teams will serve customers at assisted living facilities.

Technical Requirements and Operational Parameters

DMV Connect Brochure

Hours and Contact Information

DMV Connect service is available Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. For more information about DMV Connect or if a connection team could benefit your organization, contact DMVConnect@DMV.Virginia.Gov.

DMV Connect Video

 Provided by the DMV Communications Office