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Driving Restrictions

If your privilege to drive has been suspended and you have been granted restricted driving privileges by the court or by DMV, the law provides a list of options that may be granted by the court or by DMV. Supporting documentation may be required by the court or DMV to be eligible for the requested restrictions.

Possible restrictions are as follows:

  • Transportation to/from work
  • Transportation to/from Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP) meetings
  • Transportation during working hours
  • Transportation to/from school
  • Transportation to/from medical services
  • Driving with an ignition/interlock device intalled
  • Transporting a minor child
  • Transportation for child visitation
  • Transportation to/from court/probation/program
  • Transportation to/from a place of worship
  • Transportation to/from child support programs or appointments
  • Ignition interlock after end of revocation
  • Transportation to/from jail or work release
  • Restrictions as specified in the court order
  • Transportation to/from an institution of higher learning

Driving Restrictions for Certain Juvenile Suspensions

The law limits the types of driving restrictions available if DMV suspends a juvenile's driving privilege for a 2nd conviction due to a demerit point or safety belt violation committed while under age 18. In these cases, the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court may grant only the following restrictions:

  • Transportation to/from work
  • Transportation to/from an institution of higher learning