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DMV Policy for Drivers with Psychiatric Disorders

It is the policy of the Department of Motor Vehicles, based on guidance and recommendations from the Medical Advisory Board, that a driver with a documented unstable psychiatric condition shall not drive for a period of 3-6 months, depending on the severity of the condition.

DMV will determine how long the customer should refrain from driving, based upon recommendations and guidance from the Medical Advisory Board, recommendations from the driver’s psychiatrist or treating physician, and the seriousness of the episode which caused hospitalization.

Monitoring and Review of the Driver

If the driver has a documented psychiatric disorder with a history of instability but is now reported to be currently stable, he/she will be permitted to drive while remaining on periodic review. DMV will continue to periodically monitor the driver and will suspend the driving privilege for 3-6 months if any new instability is reported.

Additional Documentation

DMV reserves the right to request that a driver provide additional information from a specialist in order to assess their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.