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For Your Security

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is committed to protecting the identity of its customers and the integrity of the documents it issues. DMV encourages all Virginians to minimize the risk by knowing how to prevent and respond to identity theft.

Identity Theft

Approximately nine million Americans are victims of identity theft each year, according to the Federal Trade Commission. If the theft of your identity involves your driver's license or ID card, DMV will help in any way it can. Contact your local law enforcement agency first and file a police report.

If you have reason to believe someone may be using a driver's license or identification bearing your name and information, you should immediately contact DMV. You may also send an email to:

Identity Theft Passport

Individuals who are victims of identity theft may obtain and submit Identity Theft Passport applications at any of DMV's 74 customer service centers statewide. The Identity Theft Passport provides victims with a document that, if needed, would signal to law enforcement that the individual had been a victim of identity theft.

Virginians who believe they may be the victim of identity theft can complete an application at any DMV office. DMV staff will give each applicant a receipt acknowledging that the application was submitted, and forward applications to the Office of the Attorney General which administers the Identity Theft Passport program. A representative of the Office of the Attorney General will contact the applicant to process the application and provide assistance.

For more information, visit the Office of the Attorney General's identity theft resource page.

Driver's License and ID Fraud

The DMV law enforcement and customer service staff is trained to recognize and detect counterfeit identity documents used to fraudulently obtain a driver's license or ID card.

Virginia has tightened the requirements for licenses or ID cards. Because of these additional requirements, individuals who are not eligible for a Virginia license or ID card may resort to submitting counterfeit or fraudulent documents in order to obtain a valid credential. Often, this includes the use of another person's identity.

Your DMV Customer Number

To protect your identity, DMV no longer issues driver's licenses and ID cards displaying social security numbers (SSN). If your SSN is displayed on your driver's license or ID card, you can get a replacement license with a DMV-assigned customer number, rather than your SSN. Generally, a DMV-assigned customer number alone is useless to an identity thief. Apply for a replacement online or visit a DMV customer service center. Customers must present a current valid Virginia driver's license and another form of identification.

DMV Customer Information

Virginia law states that all DMV records are privileged and are not available to the general public. DMV may only release driver, vehicle and personal information from our records under certain conditions outlined in federal and state privacy statutes.

Read the statutes and learn more about DMV's release of information policies.

Your Driving Record

Just as you would review your credit report for fraudulent activity, DMV encourages Virginians to check their driving records annually. Review the information to see whether any motor vehicle violations or other activity may have been fraudulently reported under your name.

Driving records cost $8 and can be requested online.

The DMV Web Site

You can only receive online DMV services through the official DMV web site. DMV does not charge customers additional money to conduct business online. Other web sites purporting to be associated with the Virginia DMV may charge fees to conduct DMV business, yet these sites cannot provide DMV services or products. These web sites are typically accessed by customers through online search engines. They may not be reliable, especially for the protection of an individual's private information.

Other Resources and Contacts

  • Social Security Administration
  • Fraud Report: 800-269-0271
  • Order Statement: 800-772-1213
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Oversees the credit bureaus and maintains a database of identity thefts.
  • 202-382-4357