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License Exchange for ID Card

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is pleased to offer a service that will provide individuals who no longer wish to drive, the ability to exchange their valid Virginia license for an ID card. Once you have completed this transaction, you will no longer be a licensed driver and will not be eligible to operate a motor vehicle.


The cost of the identification card is $10 for individuals under the age of 70. There is no charge for individuals age 70 and over.

How to Apply

You may apply to exchange your valid driver’s license for an identification card either:

  • Online
  • At a DMV customer service center. You must complete a Drivers License and Identification Card Application ( DL-1P)) and submit your Virginia driver’s license and payment, if required.
  • By mail You must complete and submit a Drivers License and Identification Card Application ( DL-1P)), along with your payment, if it is required.

if you apply to exchange your license at a customer service center, you will be required to surrender your driver's license at that time. If you apply online or by mail, DMV will send a letter confirming the transaction, along with a return envelope for you to mail your surrendered license back to DMV.

Receiving Your ID Card

Your new identification card will be mailed to you.