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Visor Alert

Visor Alert is a joint program between the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Virginia Department for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing (DDHH). The program provides visor and wallet cards to help ease communication problems between police officers and people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The visor cards reduce misunderstanding and confusion between a police officer and a hearing impaired driver during a traffic stop or other encounter. The officer realizes that the individual has special communication needs due to hearing loss and is not intentionally failing to respond to his request. The card provides communication strategies for the officer, along with images of common traffic situations.

Using the Visor Alert Card

The visor alert card should be attached to the driver's sun visor with a binder clip or elastic bands.

When the officer approaches during a traffic stop, the motorist should:

  • Lower the sun visor;
  • Point to the visor card and then to his ear;
  • Hand the card to the police officer;
  • Keep his hands on the steering wheel until the officer has had a chance to read the card.

Obtaining a Visor Alert Card

To obtain a Visor Alert card, contact either:

Visor Card Sample Images

Front of Visor Alert card
Back of Visor Alert card