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For-Hire Intrastate Operating Authority Frequently Asked Questions

What is Operating Authority?
For-Hire Intrastate Operating Authority is an insurance monitoring program for carriers who operate for-hire in Virginia. Some carriers may be required to demonstrate that there is a public need for the operation, and/or demonstrate their fitness to perform the operation depending on the operating authority required.
What is a Form E and a Form H and where can they be obtained?
A Form E is proof of bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. Form H is proof of cargo insurance. Both are filed with DMV by a motor carrier's insurance company.
What do I need to do to operate a limousine and/or executive sedan for compensation within Virginia?
You must obtain a Contract Passenger Carrier operating authority certificate. To obtain the authority, you must submit an Operating Authority Certificate or License Application (form OA-150) with all of the required documentation.
How long does it take to obtain the different types of intrastate operating authority?
Factors that may delay processing time are usually current application backlog and incomplete applications. You can do your part to insure timely processing by reading and following the instructions available for the various operating authority applications, completing all applicable parts of the application, and submitting all documents required.
  • Transportation of Passengers Broker
  • Transportation of Property Broker
  • Common Carrier - Irregular Routes
  • Common Carrier - Regular Routes
  • Contract Passenger Carrier
  • Sight Seeing
  • Household Goods Carrier
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Carrier
If you apply for any other type of operating authority and you already have proof of insurance on file with DMV's Motor Carrier Services, the authority will usually be issued the same day that you apply.
  • Bulk Property Carrier
  • Employee Hauler Carrier
  • Non-Profit/Tax-Exempt Passenger Carrier
  • Property Carrier
  • Taxicab
Who needs intrastate operating authority?
Any person who wishes to transport passengers or property for-hire from point to point in Virginia needs to obtain Virginia operating authority, unless the person will be conducting exempt operations.
If I am leasing a vehicle to a motor carrier, who must obtain the operating authority?
The motor carrier must apply for and obtain the operating authority. The motor carrier is the person or company who has operational control of the vehicle including, but not limited to, insuring the vehicle, contracting, and advertising services performed with the vehicle. Registration for leased vehicles which must display for-hire license plates can only be obtained through the Motor Carrier Services department at DMV Headquarters.
Why must I notify DMV's Motor Carrier Services when I sell a vehicle that is used in my operation?
It is important to have the vehicle removed from your account so that your insurance company will be given a correct count of your operating authority vehicles. The vehicle can not be removed from your operating authority account until you: 1) IRP VEHICLES - surrender the vehicle registration receipt (cab card) OR 2) NON-IRP VEHICLES - surrender your for-hire license plates and vehicle registration.
How much does operating authority cost?
It depends; there are three options:
  1. FILING FEE: $50.00 (all certificate and license applications and Employee Hauler and Taxicab permit applications)
  2. OPERATING AUTHORITY REGISTRATION FEE: $10.00 annually for freight/property carrier vehicles, OR
  3. $3.00 annually for passenger carrier vehicles
Can intrastate operating authority be obtained at any DMV office?
No, DMV Customer Service Centers can only assist you with operating authority types which require a permit. Operating authority types requiring a certificate must be processed in the Motor Carrier Services department of DMV Headquarters. Applications for certificates cannot be faxed to the Motor Carrier Services department. Only original certificate applications submitted with the required surety bond or irrevocable letter of credit are accepted for processing. Types of operating authority requiring a permit are:
  • Bulk Property Carrier
  • Employee Hauler
  • Non-profit/Tax-Exempt Passenger Carrier
  • Property Carrier
  • Taxicab
Types of operating authority requiring a certificate are:
  • Transportation of Passengers Broker
  • Transportation of Property Broker
  • Common Carrier - Irregular Routes
  • Common Carrier - Regular Routes
  • Contract Passenger Carrier
  • Non-emergency Medical Transportation Carrier
  • Sight Seeing Carrier
  • Household Goods Carrier
If I want to operate for-hire within Virginia and the vehicle is registered in another state, do I have to have Virginia operating authority?
Yes. You must comply with all of Virginia's for-hire operating authority requirements.
What is required to operate under Medicaid reimbursement?
This program is managed by the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS). Please contact DMAS for information.
Do I need operating authority from the Virginia DMV to operate as a local household goods mover?
Yes. If you do not transport household goods for more than 30 miles from where the move started, you must obtain Property Carrier authority. If you transport household goods further than 30 miles from where the move started, you must obtain Household Goods Carrier authority. The property carrier authority for moves of 30 miles or less is not required if you have household goods authority and you only transport household goods.
Is the Notary Public required to place their seal on the Information Release Authorization in my application for a certificate/license?
The seal is not required if the Notary Public was commissioned by a Virginia jurisdiction. The seal is required if the Notary Public was commissioned by a jurisdiction outside Virginia.