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UCR Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get more detailed information regarding the UCR Plan?
For more information refer to the UCR Handbook and/or the UCR Agreement.
Is a USDOT number required to update UCR registration?
Yes, a USDOT number is required. Freight forwarders and brokers are now required to have them as well under the Unified Registration System (URS). It is possible if you are a new or active carrier that FMSCA has already issued you a USDOT number. Visit FMCSA’s website for more information.
How do I update my UCR registration?
You have two options for updating your UCR registration:
  1. Effective 10/1/2018, carriers can use the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) new online National Registration System (NRS). Please note that all transactions incur a fee.
  2. Complete the UCR 100 application. To ensure prompt processing, make sure the correct amount (fee + transaction fee) is enclosed with your application. For more information, refer to UCR Fees. Mail your completed application to:
    • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
    • Attn: Motor Carrier Services
    • P.O. Box 27412
    • Richmond, Virginia 23269
    This application cannot be processed by any DMV Customer Service Centers.
NOTE: Effective 10/1/2019, DMV will no longer accept paper applications and will require all carriers to update their registrations using the online National Registration System.
Will I always be able to update my registration via mail-in/paper applications?
No. Effective 10/1/2019, paper applications will no longer be accepted and carriers will be required to update their UCR registration electronically through the National Registration System .
Who do I contact if I have questions regarding UCR?
If you have questions or need information regarding UCR and Virginia is your base state, contact a motor carrier representative at (804) 249-5130. Otherwise you should contact your base state as its requirements could be different.
How will I know when my UCR registration is due?
A UCR Renewal Application is typically sent out in October to alert you that your registration is due. However, effective 10/1/2018, VA will mail a Registration/Renewal Notice to all carriers who are active in our system. Customer will be encouraged to complete their updates in the National Registration System (NRS). Paper applications will be accepted for one more year. This option will expire on 9/30/2019.
Why has the UCR renewal process changed?
The Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Plan launched a new online National Registration System (NRS) on October 1, 2018. The UCR Board has decided that the NRS will be the authoritative source for all UCR registration data and the NRS will be responsible for sending all registration updates to FMCSA.
Therefore, we have elected to abandon our in-house system and process UCR registrations solely in the NRS. Although we may assist you with updating your registrations via a paper application, please be aware that VA will be logging into the NRS and processing your registration on your behalf. In doing so, all transactions will incur a fee. DMV will no longer provide this service after 9/30/2019. Beginning 10/1/2019, all customers must register themselves through the NRS.
How much money do I send in for my UCR registration?
Please visit UCR Fees for last year’s fees, as they do change.
IMPORTANT: The 2019 registration year fees are delayed until further notice.
To ensure timely and accurate processing, be sure to add in the applicable transaction fees, which vary depending on your payment choice. For electronic payments made by credit and debit cards or ACH, the transaction fees (shown below) will automatically be added to your payment. E-checks received that are not the correct amount WILL NOT be processed and will delay your registration update.
  • Personal Credit Cards - 1.99%
  • Business Credit Cards - 2.63%
  • Debit Cards - $3.75 ($2.99 for bracket 1 only)
  • ACH/E-Checks (personal checks) - $1.00
What happens if I don’t update my UCR registration?
If your business has changed such that you no longer need to be registered under UCR, you should update your carrier record appropriately with FMSCA. You also should contact DMV to update your records with the Commonwealth. However, if you neglect to update your carrier information as required by the UCR Plan or are in fact required to register under UCR, then you are subject to enforcement action and/or explanation of your records in the state audit process. Enforcement typically starts 90 days after the beginning of the registration period.