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Intrastate Operating Authority - Exempt Operations

Some for-hire operations are not required to obtain For-Hire Intrastate Operating Authority. The list of exempt operations is displayed below.

Carriers With Both Exempt and Non-Exempt Operations

If you have both exempt and non-exempt operations, you must obtain operating authority. If you have vehicles that are used in both exempt and non-exempt operations, you must register the vehicles under your operating authority.

Exempt Property Carrier Operations

  • Motor vehicles that deliver property within the boundaries of the same Virginia city or town where the property was picked up.
  • Motor vehicles operated and used by a cooperative association that is a non-profit corporation and used only in its business.
  • Motor vehicles carrying only newspapers, water, livestock, poultry, poultry products, buttermilk, fresh milk and cream, meats, butter and cheese produced on a farm, fish, shellfish, slate, horticultural or agricultural commodities (not including manufactured products thereof), and forest products, including lumber and staves (but not including manufactured products thereof).
  • Motor vehicles transporting farm supplies to farms.
  • Motor vehicles hauling for the Department of Transportation.
  • Motor vehicles carrying fertilizer to warehouses for later distribution to local farms.
  • Motor vehicles collecting and disposing of trash, garbage, or refuse.
  • Motor vehicles used for transporting property by an air carrier or carrier affiliated with a direct air carrier whether or not such property has had or will have a prior or subsequent air movement.
  • Motor carriers exclusively operating passenger cars, motorcycles, autocycles, mopeds and vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds or less.

Exempt Passenger Carrier Operations

  • Motor vehicles that deliver passengers within the boundaries of the same Virginia city or town where the passengers were picked up.
  • Motor vehicles used only to transport school children and teachers.
  • Motor vehicles owned or operated by or for hotels used only to transport hotel guests between the hotel and local railroad or bus terminal or airport.
  • Motor vehicles operated under contract with the United States to transport only passengers.
  • Motor vehicles regularly transporting passengers within the boundaries of Virginia cities, towns and adjacent counties when the vehicles are operated by the county or under a contract with the county.
  • Motor vehicles operated under the exclusive control of a transportation district commission.
  • Motor vehicles used by non-profit, non-stock corporations supported by government funding and who transport passengers on regular or irregular routes under contract with four or more counties.
  • Ambulances issued a permit by the office of Emergency Medical Services.