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Calculate and Print an IFTA Tax Report - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this form to change my company name?
No. You must complete the IFTA Renewal Application form (RDT-120). This form can be located under forms on our website or you can contact the Motor Carrier help line at 804-249-5130.
Can I use this form to change my address?
Yes. There is a place on the form for you to check if you have reported an address change.
Can I use this form to compute previous quarters?
Yes, If you click on the arrow on the quarter box, a drop down list of prior quarters that you may access will be listed there. Choose the correct quarter and hit the select button. Your calculations will be adjusted based on the quarter selected.
Why do total miles and taxable miles have to be the same number?
The only reason that total miles and taxable miles would be different is because you have driven miles in another jurisdiction that allows non-taxable miles. Most jurisdictions do not allow this. You will be prompted to write an explanation if you make your taxable miles different from your total miles. You should name the jurisdiction and location where these miles differ.
Why can't my taxable gallons and gallons purchased be the same number?
The only time that taxable gallons and gallons purchased should be equal would be if you traveled in only one jurisdiction and purchased all of your fuel in that jurisdiction.
Why can't I save this form on my personal computer?
This form is for you to use to calculate your taxes. The tax rates change every quarter and a saved file may give you incorrect tax amounts. You will need to print two copies of this form. Print one for your records and the other to mail in to us with your check.
What else can I do online?
For carriers that would like to manage their IFTA and IRP accounts on-line we have the WebCAT program. The form you just completed is almost exactly like what you would see on WebCAT. It's that simple. But on webCAT you can save your tax report, order decals and manage your IRP account and pay on-line. webCAT does require a secure log-on and password. Contact us at 804-249-5130 for more information.