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Electronic Lien Program Processing Overview

The Virginia DMV has developed an internal Electronic Lien Program (ELP) application. The messages produced by DMV’s ELP process are transmitted through folders.

E-Lien Process (Nighttime Batch)

  1. DMV creates a Lien Notification message for each new title establishment that contains a lien issued by an electronic lien program participant.
  2. Outgoing Lien Notification, Confirmation and Error messages are sent to the lienholder's folder.
  3. Participating electronic lienholders retrieve ELP messages from their individual accounts.
  4. Lienholders process DMV Lien Notification messages and format a response. Title Print requests and Lien Satisfaction messages are created.
  5. Lienholder responses and requests are sent to DMV’s folder.
  6. DMV retrieves all messages from its folder. Lien Release and Title Print request messages are translated and processed. A confirmation message is created for each message received.
  7. All Confirmation and Error responses to lienholder originated messages are stored for next day transmission to the lienholder’s folder (see step 2 above).