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Insurance Verification - General Information

As part of its role administering motor vehicle laws, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) monitors liability insurance for motor vehicles registered in the Commonwealth.

To protect the interests of all Virginia motorists, DMV, in partnership with the insurance industry, administers an Insurance Verification Program to electronically verify the automobile liability insurance on millions of Virginia registered vehicles and to detect vehicle owners who are not in compliance with insurance requirements. Verification occurs whenever an owner first registers a motor vehicle in Virginia or when a motor vehicle owner or insurance company cancels liability insurance coverage for a vehicle.

The goals of the Insurance Verification Program are to:

  • Encourage owners of registered motor vehicles to obtain and maintain automobile liability insurance;
  • Identify uninsured motor vehicles prior to accident involvement;
  • Reduce paperwork associated with insurance verification process which helps the insurance industry, DMV, and the citizen;
  • Lessen government intrusiveness into the lives of citizens by sending notices only to vehicle owners suspected of being uninsured.

The Electronic Motor Vehicle Insurance Program, combined with DMV's three other highly successful insurance monitoring methods constitute a highly effective insurance verification program, one in which the citizens of Virginia can be proud.

Bureau of Insurance

The State Corporation Commission (SCC) regulates Virginia's businesses and economic concerns balancing the interests of citizens, businesses, stockholders and consumers. The SCC works to assure that Virginians receive quality service from regulated public service businesses at reasonable prices, and assists consumers who have valid disputes with regulated companies. The SCC's Bureau of Insurance is involved in consumer protection through administration of state laws regarding insurance.

Additional Information

Uninsured Vehicle Penalty