Trip Permit

Do you need to move an unregistered vehicle from one location to another? Then, a trip permit or a prospective purchaser's trip permit might be just what you need.

Suzy Q & A Explains Trip Permits

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Standard Trip Permit

A standard trip permit allows the owner of any motor vehicle, trailer or semitrailer to move the vehicle from one location to another without registering the vehicle. Standard trip permits are valid for three consecutive days. The Virginia trip permit is valid only in Virginia. The customer must contact other state(s) if the travel route is outside of Virginia.

Motorized vehicles must be properly insured or the owner must pay 1/12 of the $500 uninsured motor vehicle fee. Non-motorized trailers are NOT required to be insured; however, they should be pulled by a properly insured vehicle. If the vehicle is designed as a property-carrying vehicle, it must be unladen while operating under the authority of the trip permit.

If you are the vehicle owner and want to move your unregistered vehicle, you are required to apply for a trip permit. You must supply the following information:

Prospective Purchaser's Trip Permit

A prospective purchaser's trip permit is available for Virginia residents who intend to purchase a vehicle that will be titled/registered in Virginia. These permits are valid for three days, beginning on the date of the purchase (as indicated on the bill of sale).

The original bill of sale must be attached to the permit to validate the permit, and the permit must be displayed in the vehicle window while the vehicle is operated under the permit. If the customer has not purchased the vehicle WITHIN 15 DAYS after printing the permit, he must purchase another permit.

If you are a prospective purchaser applying for a trip permit for a vehicle you intend to purchase within 15 days, you must supply the following information:

Applying for a Trip Permit

You can apply for a trip permit: