Selling/Donating A Vehicle

These steps will give you the information you need to sell or donate your vehicle:

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1. Sign your vehicle title over to the buyer/recipient.

On the front of the title in Section A, sign your name, provide the name and address of the buyer/recipient and the odometer reading of the vehicle. If you are selling the vehicle, complete "Sales Price" which is also in Section A. If you are donating the vehicle, write "charitable gift" as the sale price on the title.

2. Hand over the title to the buyer / recipient.

Give the title to the buyer/recipient and ensure the buyer/recipient completes the title with name, address and signature.

3. Remove your license plates from the vehicle.

4. Notify DMV that you have sold, traded or donated the vehicle.

You must notify DMV that you have sold, traded or donated your vehicle. This may be accomplished by going online, visiting a customer service center or contacting us by phone.

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If you purchase another vehicle, follow the steps for buying a vehicle.

5. Notify the insurance company that you sold, traded or donated the vehicle.

You must notify the insurance company when you have sold, traded or donated a vehicle. If you bought another vehicle, you may transfer insurance coverage to the new vehicle, providing the required information to the insurance company. Be sure to obtain liability insurance for the other vehicle before you register it with DMV and transfer the old plates or purchase new plates for it.

Avoid Future Problems: Insurance companies notify DMV whenever they cancel, add or write new coverage for a motor vehicle. Therefore, if your insurance company cancels liability coverage on your vehicle because you no longer own it and you don't notify DMV, our records will show that the vehicle is registered in your name but is uninsured. Since it is unlawful to have an uninsured registered vehicle, DMV may suspend your driver's license and vehicle registration privileges.

State Agencies:

Refer to state-owned vehicles for additional information.

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