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College Plate Promotion

college plate promotion featuring crests 
 of several colleges

DMV encourages colleges to promote their special plates on their school web site. Following is the information your web designer will need to display an image of your college plate and to link from your web site directly to your college plate page on the DMV web site. If you have problems or questions, feel free to contact us.

College Plate Images

Three different images of college plates are available on the DMV web site.

  • Small images are available on our college plate search page.
  • Medium-sized images are available on the plate information page (go to the college plate search page link above, then click on your college plate to view the plate information page).
  • Large images are available on our plate purchase page.

    Note: Small and medium-sized images have the word "Sample" on the image. Large images are blank. You can add a personalized message to your plate image using a graphics program such as Adobe PhotoShop.

To display the college plate image on your site:

  1. Download small and medium-sized images. Right-click on the image and select "Save Picture As" using Internet Explorer. (Other browsers may have a different prompt. For example, Netscape may prompt to "Save Image As").
  2. Download large images. Right-click on the image and select "Save Background As."
  3. Load the saved images to your web site server and display on your site using standard HTML coding. Note: The images must be loaded to your web site server. Do not remote-link to the images stored on the DMV web site.

Linking to DMV Web Site

Make it easy for your web surfers to locate your college plate on the DMV web site. Provide a link on your site that takes viewers directly to your college plate on the DMV web site. The specific link is located in the address window of your browser.

Copyright Information

Virginia license plate designs are copyrighted by the sponsoring organization (scenic license plates are copyrighted by the Commonwealth of Virginia). Colleges and official alumni associations are permitted to display their respective college plate images on their web sites.

For addition copyright information, visit our Copyright Information and Disclaimer of Liability page.