Manufactured (Mobile) Homes and Mobile Offices

Manufactured Home

A manufactured home (formerly defined as a mobile home) is a structure that is defined as:

Mobile Office

A mobile office is defined as:

There are no vehicle registration requirements for manufactured homes or mobile offices. Manufactured homes may be transported and delivered by obtaining a hauling permit. Mobile offices must obtain an office trailer plate by contacting DMV's Dealer Work Center.


To title a manufactured home or mobile office:

Note: In addition to the titling fee, DMV collects a $30.00 fee from Manufactured Home Dealers for the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) at the time of titling. The DHCD fee is not collected on manufactured homes sold by an individual, out-of-state dealer or in a dealer-to-dealer sale.

Manufactured Home to Real Estate

To attach a manufactured home to real estate your DMV Virginia title must be cancelled. To accomplish this cancellation, you may surrender the Virginia title to DMV. You will also need to retain a photocopy of the title being surrendered.

Once the Virginia title is cancelled, DMV reports the title cancellation to the Commissioner of the Revenue (COR) in the appropriate locality. The COR will then assess taxes on the manufactured home as real estate and not tax it as personal property, as is done with vehicles.