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Titling a Converted Electric Vehicle


A "Converted Electric Vehicle" can be defined as any motor vehicle, other than a motorcycle, that has been modified subsequent to its manufacture to replace an internal combustion engine with an electric propulsion system. Such vehicles shall retain their original vehicle identification number, line-make, and model year.

A converted electric vehicle shall not be deemed a "Reconstructed Vehicle" unless it has been materially altered from its original construction by the removal, addition, or substitution of new or used essential parts other than those required for the conversion to electric propulsion (VA Code § 46.2-100).

How to Apply

Follow these steps when applying for a title for a Converted Electric Vehicle:

  1. Complete a completed "Application for Certificate of Title and Registration" (VSA 17A);
  2. Submit previous ownership document;
  3. Submit proof of address;
  4. Submit a "Converted Electric Vehicle Certification" (VSA 26), completed by a certified Virginia Safety Inspector and indicating electric propulsion is complete;
  5. Pay the following fees:
  6. Submit all documents and fees:
    • By Mail
    • Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
    • Attn: Vehicle Branding Work Center
    • PO Box 27412
    • Richmond, VA 23269
    • In Person at Headquarters
    • Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
    • Attn: Vehicle Branding Work Center
    • 2300 West Broad Street
    • Richmond, VA 23269
    • By visiting a Customer Service Center. The customer service representative will forward your documents to the Vehicle Branding Work Center.