Electric Vehicles

An annual license tax of $64 is assessed on each electric motor vehicle registered for highway use in Virginia. This tax is included with vehicle registration fees and must be paid at the time of original registration and each year at renewal.

The annual license tax applies only to vehicles solely powered by electric and is not refundable upon cancellation of registration. If the vehicle is registered for a period other than one year, the license tax is multiplied by the number of years or fraction thereof that the vehicle will be registered. For example, if renewing registration for a two-year period, the annual license tax will be $128 in addition to registration fees.

Clean Special Fuel Plates

DMV also offers Clean Special Fuel Plates to owners of electric vehicles. For additional details, see Clean Special Fuel Vehicles/Plates.

For titling information, refer to Titling a Converted Electric Vehicle.

Registering Your Electric Vehicle

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