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Drugged Driving

Driving after taking certain medications and all illegal drugs is risky and can cause traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities. Similar to driving after consuming alcohol, drivers cannot judge their own level of impairment after smoking marijuana or taking other illegal drugs, so any amount of consumption puts them and others at risk. Also similar to driving under the influence of booze, those who drive high on drugs could get a DUI.

Law enforcement officers across Virginia are specially trained to recognize drugged drivers. According to a recent roadside study by the National Highway Traffic Administration, one in four drivers on America’s roads tested positive for at least one drug that impacts safety.

Prescription Medications and Driving

If drivers take over-the-counter medications and/or prescription drugs, they must first learn how they could impact their driving ability. Drivers should read all labeling, discuss medication impacts on driving with their health professional, and make sure all prescribing physicians know about all medications being taken. Drivers should never combine alcohol or other drugs with medications.

Drugged Driving Resources

Other Types of Impaired Driving