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Traffic Records Electronic Data System (TREDS)

The main goal of the Traffic Records Electronic Data System (TREDS) is to be Virginia's "one-stop-shop" to provide accurate, timely and detailed highway safety information for analysis and reporting. TREDS data is used to support Virginia's efforts to reduce crashes, injuries, fatalities and associated costs. Through TREDS, Virginia now has one of the most effective and innovative information technology tools in the nation to identify and address its highway safety concerns.

This state-of-the-art, automated data system centralizes all of Virginia's crash data and related information. It allows for the electronic submission of police crash reports, electronic mapping for locating the crash while completing the crash report, electronic crash diagramming, and integration with other data systems for enhanced data mining, analysis and reporting at various levels.

Importance of Traffic Crash Data

The comprehensive data housed in TREDS is the foundation of highway safety in Virginia. The information serves as a performance measurement tool that reflects Virginia's efforts to improve highway safety. TREDS traffic crash information can be used to:

  • Conduct problem identification and develop resolutions for safety programs
  • Create and implement effective, integrated safety programs and initiatives
  • Conduct education and awareness initiatives
  • Make executive management decisions
  • Award and target federal highway safety funding
  • Make key legislative decisions that impact citizen safety on our roadways
  • Target local and state law enforcement efforts
  • Make engineering and construction improvements to our roadways
  • Work with partnering organizations to develop coordinated, innovative approaches to improve highway safety

TREDS is paving the way for Virginia's effort to develop and implement effective safety programs that will make Virginia's roadways among the safest in the country.