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Prospective Purchaser Inquiry (PPI)

A used vehicle can be a mystery. Has it ever been totaled and rebuilt? How about water-damaged?

Before you buy, give Prospective Purchaser Inquiry (PPI) a try. You provide the vehicle's make, model and vehicle identification number (VIN) and DMV produces a PPI summary about the vehicle. The PPI summary comes from Virginia DMV records only and does not contain personal information about the vehicle's previous owners.

The fee for the service is $12 per vehicle.

Obtaining a PPI Report

You can obtain a PPI report in three ways:

  • Online
  • By visiting a DMV customer service center
  • By mail. Submit a "Request for Vehicle Information by a Prospective Purchaser" (form CRD-01) and mail it along with your payment (no cash) to:
    • Department of Motor Vehicles
    • P. O. Box 27412
    • Richmond, VA 23269
    • Attention: Vehicle Records Work Center

Please allow up to 15 days from the date of your request for your report to arrive by mail.