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DMV Data Services

DMV is proud to become your service provider for data. Previously, Virginia Interactive served as your conduit to DMV data. Now, DMV will be your direct source. DMV and VI are working together to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of service to you.

The process of obtaining data from DMV will be similar to your VI interactions. Prior to your transition, DMV will work with you to learn more about your specific service needs and assist with the establishment of use agreements for your new DMV account or revisions to your existing DMV account.

Current VI customers will be transitioned in phases to DMV. DMV has mailed letters to VI customers requesting that they submit their applications by a specific date to ensure there will be no disruption in service. All VI customers should complete and return their applications to DMV as soon as possible.

What is Required to Transition

All Virginia Interactive customers will need to enter into an Information Use Agreement and/or Memorandum of Understanding with DMV. Complete and submit an Information Use Application to DMV for access. In addition, if applicants want access via the Internet, they must complete an Application for Extranet Transaction Access. DMV will waive the $25 application fee and existing RSA Secure ID Tokens provided by VI will continue to be utilized at DMV for no fee. Once your contract and access is established with DMV, you will need to terminate your contract with Virginia Interactive.

Billing Process

Users will continue with a monthly billing cycle and the fees will remain the same, e.g. $7 per driver or vehicle record, $9 for Driver Alert, and $1.25 per driver status inquiry.

Programs Currently Available

All programs are currently available. DMV is finalizing customer transition and must receive applications before June 17, 2013 in order to ensure there will be no disruption or termination of service.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I transition to DMV?
You may transition to DMV as soon as the program you use is available. Virginia Interactive will continue to renew existing customers and provide service to ensure a seamless transition.
Will I have a disruption in service?
DMV will strive to ensure your disruption in service will be minimal. However, you must ensure that you complete and sign applications and contracts in a timely manner to avoid a disruption in service.
Will I have to obtain and pay for new RSA Secure ID Tokens?
No, DMV is working with Virginia Interactive to utilize existing RSA Secure ID Tokens at no fee. If you need to purchase a new or replacement RSA Secure ID Token the cost is $65 and the token is good for four years.
Will my current UserID/User Name change when I convert to DMV services?
Yes, once DMV receives your signed contract and initiates the assignment of the user profile, your User ID/User Name will change. If you find you are unable to login and have not received your final documents, you may contact Use Agreement Services at (804) 497-7155 to have your logon information provided to you.
Will I have to pay an application fee?
No, DMV is waiving the $25 two year application fee.
How long will my contract be with DMV?
During the transition period, DMV will initiate a three year-contract period. When you renew, your contract will become a two-year contract.
How do DMV renewals take place and what are the costs?
DMV will send you a renewal notice and appropriate application(s) 90 days prior to your contract expiration. The cost to renew is $25.
How do I know when my RSA Secure ID Tokens expire and what are the costs?
DMV will send you a token expiration notice 45-60 days prior to the expiration date of your token. The expiration date is listed on the back of the token. The cost to renew a token is $65.
What technical assistance is available?
DMV provides a technical support help desk (804-497-7124) that is staffed Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The help desk staff will walk you through log-on issues and resolve any technical issues that may occur within 24 hours.