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Backs of the newly-designed Virginia credentials display two barcodes. A linear barcode is an inventory control number used in the new card production environment. A 2-D barcode includes the cardholder's information that is also printed on the face of the card. An increased number of security features and space limitations on the card prohibited a second linear barcode containing cardholder information.

To protect the security and integrity of the newly designed secure cards, DMV has discontinued providing sample cards. To ensure you have the information you need to use the 2-D barcode, use the barcode reader calibration sheet with specifications and a sample barcode to test in your readers.

Two Card Formats

All 74 DMV locations statewide use the new issuance process and all applicants for driver's license and ID cards receive the newly designed cards. As you know, Virginia credentials are valid for five to eight years. As a result, you will continue to see two Virginia card formats for at least eight years from July 2009.

Out-of-State Credentials

Driver's license applicants are issued temporary driving permits, valid for 30 days, that allow individuals to drive until they receive new licenses. Identification card applicants receive receipts. Neither the receipt nor the temporary driving permit is valid for identification.

DMV returns to customers their old licenses or ID cards until they receive new licenses or ID cards in the mail. For individuals new to Virginia with out-of-state licenses or ID cards, DMV invalidates the out-of-state cards and returns them to customers for use as identification until they receive their new Virginia credentials via mail. To invalidate each out-of-state card, DMV punches a hole through the card. Your organization can continue to use invalidated out-of-state credentials as proof of identification.