Renew Your Driver's License

See the documents and forms you need to make your DMV visit a breeze!

Most Virginia driver’s licenses last for eight years. When those eight years nearly complete, it’s time to renew.

You can renew online, by mail, or in person as early as one year before your license expires. Here’s how.

Upgrade to REAL ID

Beginning May 3, 2023, Virginians who wish to use their driver’s license to board a domestic flight must show a REAL ID compliant license, or another federally approved form of ID.

When you renew your license, upgrade it to REAL ID. Learn how.

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Renewal Reminders

DMV will send you a renewal reminder before your license's expiration date. You can be notified by:

DMV sends email, text, and mail renewal reminders 90 days before your license expires. Make sure DMV has your current address to receive your mailed reminder.

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How To Renew Your Driver’s License

Renew Online or By Mail

You must renew your license in person every other renewal cycle.

For example, if you got your original license in 2014, you may renew online or by mail in 2022, but you must renew in person in 2030. In 2038, you may once again renew online or by mail, and so on.

If you’re eligible to renew your license online, simply follow the instructions on the link, or watch this video.

How to Renew Online

If you’re eligible to renew your license by mail:

If you renew by mail, DMV will use the photograph on your existing license. Your renewed license may take up to 15 days to arrive.

Note: DMV cannot accept credit card numbers through the mail or via email. DO NOT SEND CASH.

What if my renewal reminder has incorrect information?

If your renewal reminder has your incorrect address, height or weight, you can still renew by mail. Please update your address with DMV before mailing in your renewal reminder. If any other information is incorrect, call DMV at 804-497-7100 and a customer service agent can assist you further.

Note: You may also apply to register to vote, change your voter registration address, and change your organ donor status when you complete the renewal application.

Renew In Person

You can renew your driver’s license in person at any DMV customer service center or DMV Connect. Check the calendar for visits in your area.

When you renew in person, you must do the following:

  1. Pay the renewal fees
    • Renewal fees cost the same as licensing fees. For example, a standard license costs $32.
  2. Pass the vision screening
  3. Have a new photograph taken
  4. Prove legal presence, if required

How Long Your License Lasts

Your renewed license will be valid for eight years and will expire on your birthday.

However, your renewed license will be valid for five years if:

Temporarily Living Outside of Virginia

If you are a military, diplomatic, or civilian employee or contractor stationed outside of the U.S., you may be granted a license extension for up to six years in place of a license renewal. For more information, see Temporarily Outside of Virginia.

Retaking Tests

If your license has been expired for more than one year and you do not have proof that you previously held a license in Virginia, another state or U.S. territory, then you must retake the vision screening, the two-part knowledge exam and the road skills test.