Vehicle Sun-Shading Medical Authorization

Medical Authorization

DMV issues medical authorizations to individuals with medical conditions that require protection from sunlight or bright artificial light. The medical authorization allows these individuals to equip their vehicles regularly used to transport them with window tinting films or applications. Medical authorizations are issued in the name of the person with the condition and are valid as long as the person has the condition or until the vehicle is sold.

It is important to obtain the medical authorization before adding the sun-shading or tinting.

Total Percentage of Light Allowed Without Medical Authorization
Vehicle Window Regular Passenger Vehicles Multi-Use Passenger Vehicles
Windshield No sun-shading allowed No sun-shading allowed
Front side windows 50 percent 50 percent
Rear side windows 35 percent No limitations
Rear window 35 percent No limitations
Total Percentage of Light Allowed With Medical Authorization
Vehicle WindowPercentage Allowed
Windshield 35 percent --upper 5 inches or to AS-1 line
OR 70 percent --entire windshield
Front side windows 35 percent
Rear side windows 35 percent
Rear window 35 percent

Applying for a Medical Authorization

To apply for a medical authorization, the person with the medical condition must submit a completed Sun-Shading Medical Authorization Application (MED-20) to

Upon receipt, the application will be reviewed by Data Integrity.

The application must include vehicle information and a statement from a physician, physician's assistant, nurse practitioner, ophthalmologist, or optometrist certifying that sunshading is necessary for the individual's health. The vehicle owner will receive a new registration card with "sunshading" printed in the Special Conditions space. This registration card serves as verification that the vehicle is authorized to have sunshading.

Removing the Sun-Shading Indicator

To remove the sun-shading indicator from your vehicle record, the customer must submit a completed Sun-Shading Removal Certification (MED-21) to:

The vehicle owner must certify that the sun-shading has been removed.