DMV Medical Advisory Board

The Medical Advisory Board enables DMV to meet its responsibilities of monitoring drivers throughout the Commonwealth who may have physical or mental limitations. The Board helps DMV avoid issuing licenses to individuals suffering from a disability or functional limitation that would prevent their safely operating a motor vehicle. In addition, the Board assists the Commissioner by developing medical and health standards for drivers, and provides guidance and recommendations related to proposed driver fitness legislation.

The Medical Advisory Board does not review every DMV medical case. Instead, it may review cases of a difficult nature or cases that are being referred for an informal fact-finding proceeding to contest DMV's action or requirements.

Composition of the Board

In accordance with Va Code § 46.2-204, DMV's Medical Advisory Board consists of seven licensed physicians currently practicing medicine in Virginia. The Governor appoints each Board member and designates a chairman. Appointment to the Board is for four-year terms; vacancies are filled by appointment for the unexpired portion of a term.

Physicians who are interested in serving on the DMV Medical Advisory Board may submit an application through the Secretary of the Commonwealth. Licensed physicians with the specializations of neurology, geriatric, internal medicine, ophthalmology, and psychiatry are encouraged to apply.

Board Profile

Board members are listed in order of expiration.

Name When Appointed Expiration of Current Term Seat Requirements As Mandated by Va. Code § 46.2-204
Dr. Juan A. Astruc, Jr 2006 09/30/16 Specialization - Ophthalmology
(Subspeciality - Retinal Specialist)
Dr. John D. Sheppard, Jr. 2007 09/30/16 Specialization - Ophthalmology
Dr. Saji Slavin 2012 09/30/16 Specialization - Internal Medicine
Dr. John Wittman, Jr. 2012 09/30/16 Specialization - Neurology
Dr. Susan DiGiovanni, Chair 10/01/02

Appointed chairperson 01/05
09/30/18 Specialization - Internal Medicine
(Subspeciality - Nephrology)
Dr. Hetzal Hartley 2014 09/30/18 Specialization - Occupational Medicine
Dr. Mark Sochor 2014 09/30/18 Specialization - Emergency Medicine

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