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Mature Driver Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to provide proof of legal presence for a photo ID?
Effective July 1, 2007, a customer who was born in 1937 or earlier will not be required to submit proof of legal presence with an ID card application if he has held a Virginia driver's license or ID card that is either valid or has been expired for 5 or fewer years. See Legal Presence FAQ's for more information.
How do I get disabled parking placards and plates?
You may request disabled parking placards by mail or by visiting a DMV customer service center. Your application for a temporary or permanent disabled parking placard or disabled parking license plates must include certification of your disability from your physician, physician's assistant, podiatrist, chiropractor or nurse practitioner. See Applying for Disabled License Placards or Plates for more information.
I am taking prescription medication. Could this affect my ability to drive safely?
Yes. Before driving while taking prescription medicine, read all labels and instructions to determine side effects and their relationship to driving.
Can I exchange my driver's license for a personal identification card?
You may exchange your valid Virginia driver's license for an ID card for a $10.00 fee. If you are age 70 or older, there is no charge if you exchange your driver's license for your first ID card. If you have previously held an ID card, you will be charged the $10.00 fee.