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Motorcycle Knowledge Exam

To obtain your motorcycle license, you must pass both a knowledge exam and a skills test.

The knowledge exam consists of 25 questions based on information contained in the Motorcycle Operator Manual, available at any DMV customer service center. You must successfully complete the knowledge exam before taking the skills test.

The knowledge exam is offered in several languages and is taken on a computer.

To prepare for the motorcycle knowledge exam, familiarize yourself with all the information in the Motorcycle Operator Manual. Study the manual before attempting to take the knowledge test and try DMV's online sample Motorcycle License Exam.

If you use a cell phone while taking the exam, the exam will be terminated and you must wait until the next day to re-test.

It is unlawful to attempt to get or provide to others a copy of the exam or any questions or answers on the exam. You may not have assistance or assist others while taking the exam. It is illegal to have unauthorized possession of an examination or exam answers.