Child ID Card

Parents can obtain ID cards for their children under age 15 at any DMV customer service center. The cost of a child ID card is $2 per year (minimum $10; maximum $16).

In addition to serving as an identity document, the child’s photograph is stored in DMV’s database. If the child becomes missing, DMV can retrieve the image from the database and transmit it to law enforcement anywhere in the U. S.

Child ID cards will expire on the last day of the customer’s month of birth in a year when they reach an age divisible by 5 (such as 5, 10, 15,) unless the child is authorized to be in the US for a limited duration period. Child ID cards issued to children age 13 or 14 will expire on their 16 birthday.

Applicants for a Child ID Card must appear in-person at a DMV customer service center (for both originals and replacements).

Obtaining a Child ID Card

Child ID cards:

To find out more about the requirements and the application process for an ID card, refer to Obtaining an Identification Card.

What Is Displayed On a Child ID Card

The child ID card contains the following:

Child ID

Medical Indicators on Child ID Cards

A parent or legal guardian submitting a signed physician statement may voluntarily request indicators be placed on their child’s ID card as a means of identifying their disability to law enforcement personnel. A “9” will display in the restriction field on the face of the ID card and will be decoded on the back as follows:

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